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Battle Through The Heavens Origin (Yuanqi) & Season 5 (Nian Fan)

Many donghua fans had been anxiously waiting for updates about the next chapter in the story of Battle Through The Heavens. Upon the finale of its most recent special episodes, the Three-Year Agreement last January, it was revealed that Xiao Yan’s journey continues in Battle Through The Heavens: Origin (Yuanqi) which is the reboot of the first season and with a bit of a twist and additional scenes as well as its upcoming sequel, Battle Through The Heavens Season 5 (Nian Fan).

Almost after half-year, fans were able to get news about Battle Through The Heavens: Origin and Season 5 through a new trailer which features familiar faces such as Yao Lao in his prime as the famous Dou Venerate Yao zun-zhe, it also shows a new and even better design for Gu Xun-er, and the Fallen Heart Flame as a gigantic fiery serpent, the next Heavenly Flame that Xiao Yan’s will dare to refine.

Battle Through The Heavens: Origin (Yuanqi) & Season 5 Trailer
On June 12, 2022; the new trailer for Battle Through the Heavens: Origin & Season 5 was posted on the official Weibo page of the donghua. As I’ve mentioned earlier, it features a sneak peek into the life of Yao Lao in his prime as Battle Through the Heavens: Origin will not only serve as a remake of the first season from a different perspective but will also showcase Yao Lao’s journey as his first student Han Feng has betrayed him. Hence, this leads to his death and the reason why he is in his spiritual form as shown in the series.

We were also able to get a glimpse at some action that awaits Xiao Yan in his life in the Black-Corner Region, the chaotic and lawless region far from the Jia Ma Empire and where the infamous Jia Nan Academy is located. Xiao Yan will fight several factions and demonic sects here up to the point that he’ll have to fight a Dou Emperor (Huang) named Fan Lao since he killed the latter’s son.

Battle Through The Heavens Season 5 Release Date Trailer

As he enters the Jia Nan Academy, he’ll meet some of his relatives there while he will also have to deal with a new set of challenges. As a student, he’ll have new allies and enemies, he’ll have his long-awaited reunion with Gu Xuner, and he’ll have to come face to face with a Heavenly Flame that already gained an intelligent, the Fallen Heart Flame.

Battle Through the Heavens Yuanqi Nian Fan
Battle Through The Heavens Season 5 will also highlight Xiao Yan’s encounter with Han Feng, the first student of Yao Lao, a tier-6 alchemist who will compete with him in claiming the Fallen Heart Flame. Luckily, we still have Queen Medusa occasionally appear this time. The real unbothered queen comes and goes whenever she wants but still saves Xiao Yan at the end of the day.

Animation Studio & Release Date
Motion Magic returns as the production team for Battle Through The Heavens: Origin and its 5th season (Nian Fan). While many fans are speculating that the donghua will be released after Martial Universe Season 3, it actually turns out to be true after its production team has unveiled that Battle Through The Heavens Season 5 release date is scheduled on July 31, 2022; but before that, Yuanqi (Origin) will premiere on July 17, replacing Martial Universe Season 3 on Tencent Video’s Sunday timeslot.

Battle Through The Heavens OriginBattle Through The Heavens Season 5
Battle Through The Heavens Season 5Battle Through The Heavens Season 5
Battle Through The Heavens: Origin and Season 5 (Nian Fan) was first unveiled by Tencent as part of its upcoming lineup during their 2021 annual conference. The 2 installments of the donghua are the continuation of the earlier Three-Year Agreement which was released on October 31 last year. It’s one of the big series from Tencent’s lineup along with popular returning titles like The King’s Avatar Season 3, A Will Eternal Season 2, Full-Time Magister Season 6, and Scumbag System Season 2.

The Origin (Yuanqi) / Doupo Cangqiong: Yuanqi will serve as more of an interval between the Three-Year Agreement and Season 5 although, it is the first that took place in the story chronologically. It is scheduled to have 3 episodes, and ultimately, the 5th season will then be released afterward.

The donghua had become one of China’s most popular and best action anime, even surpassing Soul Land in terms of popularity among non-Chinese viewers. It was adapted from a novel of the same title by Heavenly Silkworm Potato (Tian Can Tu Dou) and was also adapted into a manhua.

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